Fangor Projector Review – Fangor 506 Detailed Review in 2022

Projector users have many different options when it comes to choosing a model. There are small, portable projectors for business travelers and personal use, as well as large-scale models for professional or educational settings.

No matter what your needs are there’s sure to be a projector that’s perfect for you. We’ll take a look at the Fangor projector – a popular option among consumers. We’ll discuss its specs and features, and outline why it’s such a popular choice. So if you’re in the market for a new projector, be sure to read on!

Fangor WIFI Portable Home Bluetooth Projector Review

The projector Fangor is a 1080p native projector that focuses on Bluetooth & WiFi screen reflecting. The product is designed for use on a computer system, iPhone, and Android devices. The model falls within the midrange category and is designed to fit perfectly into any smart home theater setup. The camera has 10000:1 contrast ratios and six layers of glass.

The monitors are recommended 160 inches high with a maximum of 240 inches. During this time the lamp runs for 65000 hours, Five watt SRS speakers. This projector is unable to maintain Dolby sound. Besides that, there’s nothing implied about commercial uses or a massive gathering setting. It is entirely constructed of plastic and has a lens cover and an IR camera on the side.

Features of Fangor 506 Projector

So let’s start discussing the features of fangor 506 projector one by one.

Versatile modern ports

Among the most important features of a new system is its connectivity. Why do I have a projector when I cannot plug it into the computer and use it as my desktop? There’s an HDMI port for every modern device. This covers nearly everything from the last 10 years and is used in almost everything now.

The HDMI input for games will also be useful for your devices, including the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. This port has three different facilities which provide significant benefits. It’s not necessary to switch devices often. The third HDMI port is hidden behind the internal compartment of this machine.

Built-in speakers

I like internal speakers, which are able to provide sound to everybody to see. As the size of the projector is limited some models have an audio deficit. I would think that this job is enough for several different tasks that would suit the average person. These are personal preferences.

However, if the sound is good, you might consider connecting external speakers. Using Bluetooth speakers or using an AUX cable you may also do so. The audio ports allow you to plug in speakers that have 3.5 mm input ports. That will give you the most genuine cinema experience possible.


Obviously, this might seem quite obvious; however, brightness ratings will determine the most effective time to run the computer. When projectors haven’t been bright enough you can only see films in the basements or any dark cave. It now produces 6500 lumens – a new level of 6500 that has recently improved from 5000 lumens.

Other data stated that 5500 lumens were rated as 2500 ANSI lumens. This puts them in comparison to Nebula capsules II/Max. The 1000-lumen upgrade is expected to increase the brightness to 18% from the earlier version of this product if it is correct.

Modern design

The innovative, fully closed optical design prevents dust from falling from the screen LCD and provides the best possible projection image. It promises fewer vibrations and more power; its light output is less than any standard LED projector.

The FANGor 1080 combines 4K video, offering you a very good clear picture and a sharper contrast to other projection units. It is designed with vision assurance, a sleep time clock closure, a multitude of establishment and center cornerstone adjustments, and other features and makes your HD movie projector and game nights very remarkable.


For projectors, this aspect determines the sharpness of the entire image. The word native resolution should be taken into mind when discussing its use as such when it comes in the context of the word. The specs of these projectors are completely different from the ones that say that they will support 1080p video recording.

Occasionally, the model will hide the native resolution of the model if they only render in 480 p rather than full 1020 pixels. This will be a huge improvement in image quality. Fangor F516 displays high-resolution images in 1920 quality.

Contrast Ratio

The terminology of that name can seem more complicated, even as some of your colleagues know it previously. The contrast ratio is an indicator of the color and radiant appearance of your image. Specifically, the difference in color from black to white really defines the contrast ratio.

A higher ratio also gives softer colors which are more vibrant. Similar dark colors appear darker and less faded. The 506 models are now rated at 6000:1 an extremely solid rating giving an excellent picture whether it’s live-action animations.

The HD 1080p projector has the ability to provide high-contrast and depth dark levels adding profundity and three-dimensionality. They are more clearly visible than the other projected images and their shading is stunningly beautiful too.

Wireless WI-Fi screen mirroring

The mirror screen lets your Mira cast-enabled device play a video game on the large screen. It is compatible with wireless screen sync between a smartphone and tablet as well as wireless screen synchronization and delivers an immersive cinema experience for showcasing movies and entertainment. 

The latest wireless connectivity functionality is compatible with smartphones and laptops; there’s no need to use a converter cable and you simply need a one-time WiFi projector connection. Your device will connect to a computer when needed.

Wireless connectivity

Wireless capability is an important feature of these models. This is something very difficult to get in most projectors. This is probably important for your choice. The device offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Bluetooth allows wireless speakers to enhance your listening experience. These include the Air Pod and other Bluetooth headphones and standard speakers. The Wi-Fi features allow users to share phones directly without using any additional cables. Some mobile apps may not allow the streaming of videos.

Wireless associating capability is currently available for IOS/Android platforms. No switching links or adolescent cables, a simple once-a-day Wi-Fi connection will connect your device to the projector whenever it needs a connection

Legacy Connectivity

The composite AV port allows you to play video games on DVD. It uses the yellow and white connector cable that was once used. The content generally ran on a 480p resolution. I like the fact the Fangor Projector offers it in its package to anyone who needs the service.

If your classic game collection is large it can be very valuable. Now we could enjoy everything on our screens. The VGA ports for older PC systems are also available. It will let us share a laptop with another computer.

Picture quality

Picture quality consists of many factors, ranging from resolutions to brightness and contrasts. These triads are meant to give a better understanding of how the projector can create the image you want and the expected result.

You should usually look for the best possible results if picture quality is at top of your priority. It is obviously essential that your projector costs be balanced against your budget. It can sometimes be really sneaky, and you should absolutely know about it.

80% brighter than others

Fangor projectors have a brightness of 200ANSI lumens providing an output of approximately 230 inches. Its performances are impressive even in low light. Moreover, this product has an excellent contrast in business presentations.

Regardless of whether it appears in obscurity, this model should be sufficiently beautiful for use under the illumination of foundations. Simply know the brighter the light, the better it gets.

Bluetooth technology

The connection to a Bluetooth device should be very simple and fast. Simply select the Bluetooth settings section, activate the Bluetooth switch, look around nearby devices, and get in touch.

 It also includes an integrated stereo sound speaker that provides you every detailed sound so you can hear audio of different scenes. With Bluetooth, you can easily use your ideal Bluetooth speaker wirelessly.

Compatible device

The film projector can be used as a desktop, laptop, PC, Chrome book tablet, Micro SD card, or Flash drive in the open air. Mobile phones, tablets, and phones have the following features: The video is to be played via HDMI interconnection (there is a copyright dispute if the video does it).

Mini pods

In different positions, a different installation is required however there should still be no worry as the Fangor projector can be mounted with a tripod on the table or mounted onto a wall. This mini tripod allows for the correct angle of the camera so as to provide a perfect picture.

Native 1080p Full HD resolution

The projector has native 1920×1080 resolutions and an excellent contrast ratio of 3000/1000, giving three-fold extra details and providing excellent image quality. The new six-layer glass lens provides an excellent visual experience.

60,000 hours of LED lamp life

The Fangor projector has an impressively long life that exceeds most of its competitors and features an integrated technology that keeps your eyes secure through LED lighting sources.

3 years warranty

A 3-month free returns on the entire discount and a 3 years warranty on the manufacturer, Long-term professional assistance, and expert assistance.

  • The projector has a built-in speaker that produces good sound quality.
  • The LED display is clear and bright, and the colors are accurate.
  • The projector is very easy to set up and use.
  • The projector does not have a zoom feature.
  • The fan noise is quite loud.

Is Fangor 506 the right model for you?

The Fangor 505 projector has an extensive range of connection options as well as impressive specs. This native 1080p model gives you a 1920×1080 image. It’s powered by LED lights which can also be used for an astonishing 60,000 hours of time.

However, it can be seen from the detailed information that other options have similar features at one glance. Tell me the most compelling reason for buying this machine. It is a supervillain’s name. There is no brand known by most people, so some people might feel hesitant or have questions.

Complete Buyers Guide

Summer Night can provide a wonderful setting for a fun family night. You could swim in your pool under a light in your pool or you could shoot hoops at a neighbor or just watch your favorite films in the garden.

Outdoor movie projector makes your backyard hotter than any other place. It’s simple to watch video games, TV shows, or movie shows in your own home or office and share them with the whole world. In addition, it provides you with a combination of outdoorsy and summertime weather.

The outdoor projector can be incredibly expensive and therefore you need to educate yourself on its cost. We’re looking at every aspect of outdoor projectors.

Which are the best outdoor projectors for beginners? However, you want to ensure that you get a product that meets your specific requirements. So we will review everything before you make the final decision. I’d like to see this!

Available ports

If your computer has no connectivity, you should never buy a projector. It is important to look into HDMI ports and connect to them. It connects to virtually any gadget including your favorite DVD player and videogame system. Several even have a USB and a Micro SD card slot as well as a VGA port to connect to older-school devices.

You must decide which equipment you want to install and what ports to connect it with. Make sure there are many HDMI ports available if it is to be used for various purposes (DVDs, games, etc…).


The price of acquiring a projector varies relying mainly on its features and the quality of the viewing experience you expect. How much does assembling an outdoor theatre system cost? It is actually very dependent upon several factors. Your whole-home entertainment system can be installed for under $300.

If you want a product that will last a long time and provide a superb visual experience, you’re probably going to spend around $900 to $500. Remember it does not include any future costs for replacements for a lamp.

Bulb Lifespan

During the purchasing process, you must take into consideration the cost of replacing bulbs or lamps. If the lamp is broken, it could cost hundreds more to replace. Most light bulbs can be kept for about 2,500 hours, but others say it will take around 40,000. The speed at which light burns depends on the lumens on their projection system.

The brighter your lamp is, the longer its lifespan will be. You need to consider the lamp’s lifespan before purchasing one. Most products describe an estimated life expectancy.

Keystone Adjustment

Your projector can be a little more angled to the screen than what you are aiming to project from. You may find it hard for your display to look weird. Here is where the adjustment settings are needed. This is designed so that the image is always rectangular in appearance.

Many projector models feature automatic keystone adjustment. Click this link and your pictures are automatically skewed in order for the best results! More keystone angle adjustments give more control over the rounded shape.

Throw ratio

The width ratios in your outdoor projectors can help determine the depth of view. Having good picture quality is essential for any viewer. The throw ratio explains what distance the projector needs when creating Xft screen widths. The Quick-Throw projector is a popular device.

This is an easy projector to hold near the screen and still be close enough to the screen so that it doesn’t damage the screen. The short-throw projector is the most suitable solution for smaller and wider yards.


The Fangor projector is ideal for those who are looking for a professional, engaging, and unique way to display their presentations or movies. The image quality is excellent, and the projector is very easy to set up and use. If you are in the market for a new projector, we highly recommend the Fangor!

It’s easy to use and offers a lot of features that make it a great value for the price. If you’re looking for a projector that will help you create an immersive experience for your audience, the Fangor is worth considering.


How do I get Netflix on my Fangor projector?

To get Netflix on your Fangor projector, you’ll need to connect it to a compatible streaming device. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access the Netflix app and watch your favorite shows and movies.

What are the best settings for watching movies on my Fangor projector?

The best settings for watching movies on your Fangor projector will depend on the specific portable movie projector you’re watching. However, in general, you’ll want to make sure that the projector is set to its highest resolution and that the audio is turned up to provide the best experience.

Additionally, if you’re using a Blu-ray player, you may want to enable Dolby Digital Surround Sound for an even better experience.

How do I connect my Fangor projector to WiFi?

To connect your Fangor projector to WiFi, you’ll need to first ensure that your projector is in range of a compatible wireless network. Once you’ve done that, you can follow the on-projector screen prompts to connect your projector to the network.

Once connected, you’ll be able to access online content and stream movies and TV shows.

How do I adjust my Fangor projector?

To adjust your Fangor projector, you’ll need to use the remote control that came with the projector. With the remote, you can change the projector’s settings, including brightness, contrast, and color.

Additionally, you can use the remote to focus the image and adjust the zoom.

Are the mini projectors any good?

The smallest projector can be bought with an emphasis on portability. It’s compact, lighter and often has features such as batteries, built-in speakers, and built-in speakers. Nonetheless, they sacrifice image brightness for the other goal.

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