How To Clean Dust Out of Projector Lens – 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning the projector lens can help improve the image quality and prolong the life of the projector. Some common ways to clean the lens include using a lint-free cloth, a duster, or an abrasive cleaner. So we will discuss how to clean dust out of projector lens.

Use a lint-free cloth to clean out any dust or crud that may be present on the projector lens. This will help improve the image quality and extend the stamina of the projector. When cleaning the projector lens, it is important to use a lint-free cloth.

Why should you clean your lens? And how often?

A dirty projector lens can cause all sorts of problems, including decreased image quality and even damage to the projector itself and the lens exploding. So if you want to keep your projector running smoothly, it’s important to clean its lens regularly.

Just as you should clean your TV screen, you should also clean your projector lens. In fact, it’s advised that you clean your projector lens at least every 100 hours of use.

How to clean dust out of projector lens?

1st step:

Take off the cover of a projector. If there is no cover, leave it alone.

2nd step:

Blow out dust with low-power compressed air or exhale. Please do not use your mouth because you might get saliva on it when taking off the lens protector. While blowing that dust, try to blow from the side of the cover, not in front of the lens.

That way, if there are any particles near the edge, they will get blown away. Also, make sure you hold the projector at a 45-degree angle while blowing out dust; this helps get any particles on the bottom of the screen or between the screen and lens.

3rd step:

Take off the lens from the projector cover; before doing that, turn it on for about 5 minutes to heat the thermal protection device (TPD). To do that, hold down the information button and press power on.

Keep holding the information button until you see the ON SCREEN display, which shows the current temperature of TPD (thermal protection device) with two numbers in it.

When this screen comes up, wait at least 5 minutes with the projector lid open to heat TPD completely. After waiting, press and hold the power button again to turn off the projector, when TPD cools down completely, you can take it out carefully.

4th step:

Take the lens protector off if needed and clean it carefully with a soft cloth.

5th step: 

Lightly blow dust one more time from the projector cover’s outer edges and from around the lens.

6th step:

Put TPD back in place and close the cover slowly. Do not push too strongly, or you might ruin it.

7th step:

Turn on the projector again for about 10 min to check if the picture quality decreased after cleaning. If all looks well, you are done.

8th step:

Put the protector back on the projector if needed, hook it back to the ceiling wall and enjoy.

Things to do while cleaning lens:

  • Do not touch the lens with your uncovered fingers. Touching it with your nails or cloth is just fine, but if you have to hold it firmly for cleaning, then use gloves.
  • Never use any chemicals while cleaning because some might get inside the projector and cause damage.
  • Also, do not clean more often than needed. Overcleaning might damage the projector.
  • Please do not touch the lens before powering the projector to check picture quality because it will be very dim. If you want to check the quality after cleaning, power the projector on for 5 min and open the cover slowly so air can get in.
  • Turn the lamp off again when checking if all looks good.
  • Never clean while the projector is still on.
  • Please do not use any cleaning tools because they might apply too much pressure and break the projector cover.
  • If you have a filter over the lens, do not clean the inside of it with compressed air or a brush. You can try to blow dust out from both sides of the filter if needed, but only very carefully through one side at a time.

Avoid things while cleaning the lens.

  • Please don’t use chemicals; they might get inside the projector and scratch it.
  • Don’t touch the lens with bare fingers because oils from your skin might get inside the projector.
  • Do not clean more often than needed because dust might build up and damage the projector. If you do not have a filter, then skip step 4.
  • Use a little bit of vacuum cleaner with a brush to clean both sides of the filter.
  • Be gentle when cleaning the projector cover and lens because you can scratch it if applied too much pressure or pressed hard against the lens.
  • Do not use a brush to clean the projector cover, lens, or filter.
  • Use low-power compressed air only if needed because dust might get stuck inside and damage the projector.
  • Please do not clean the lens protector with a brush or compressed air because it might scratch the protector or projector lens.
  • If you have a problem with the filter or you don’t have one, then skips step 4 and step 7, and 8.

What do you need for cleaning?

  • A small brush or cloth to softly remove dust from the projector cover and inner areas.
  • Low power compressed air (use very little pressure) or Exhale
  • Spare time (10-15 min)
  • Gloves if needed.
  • Small screwdriver if needed
  • Clean, soft cloth/gloves

We have discussed How to clean dust out of projector lens? Now we are going to discuss how to clean the lens from the inside. Once we have all mentioned tools we can start it.

How to clean from inside/outside

A projector is an electronic device that projects images onto a screen. Dirty or smudged lenses can cause distorted or blurry images.

When it comes to projector lenses, there are two ways to clean them- from the inside and outside. Cleaning the lens from the inside is a bit more difficult but results in a cleaner lens. Here’s how to do it:

1) Shut off your projector and unplug it from the power source.

2) Remove the lens cover. Most covers twist-off or can be removed by pulling gently on them.

3) Look for dust or dirt on the surface of the lens and use a canister tighter to clear dirt. Be very careful not to touch the surface of the lens while you’re cleaning it!

4) Replace the lens cover and plug in your projector.

How to prevent dust from the lens

Protectors are not only useful when it comes to cleaning dust off the lens, but they also protect the projector from scratches. If you do not have a protector on your lens, be sure to turn your projector off when, not in use and always store it in the closed box if possible.

If you need help with cleaning or protecting your projector, check out the projector store online, or maybe you have something at home that is the same size so that you can test it with a projector.

Protectors are usually found in most electronic stores where projectors are sold, but if not, then try buying them online. If you have a similar-sized device that fits your projector, use this instead of protecting it.


What can I use to clean my projector’s lenses?

You can use a soft brush or cloth to clean the projector and cover and then compress the air/exhale to blow the dust off. Never use a vacuum cleaner on your projector’s lens because it is very sensitive, and you might damage it. We can recommend you use a protector to protect your lenses.

Can I clean my projectors with alcohol?

NO, do not use alcohol to clean your projector. Use only a soft cloth and brush to remove dust from the exterior parts of the projector, but do not touch glass or lens because you might scratch it. Some projectors have a filter over the lens for protection, so if yours has that, then you can gently clean it as well.

How do I clean dust out of projector lenses?

Use a small brush or cloth to remove dust from the exterior parts of the projector, but never touch the lens because you might scratch it. Use compressed air/exhale to blow the dust off.

When using compressed air/exhale, try not to press too hard because you might.

Can I use hand sanitizer to clean my glasses?

NO, do not use hand sanitizer on your glasses. Use only a soft cloth to clean extra dirt on the glass, and for stronger stains, use some water with a little bit of soap.

When cleaning exterior parts of the projector, never touch the lens because you might scratch it.

Don’t ever turn the projector on when there is no signal.

What is lens cleaner? May I use it?

Lens cleaner is a liquid spray that cleans the projector lens and makes it shine. You can use it if the build-up from your lenses from dirt dust or anything else is really bad. You don’t need it often because projectors usually have filters over the lens to protect them, but sometimes this filter gets dirty.

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