How To Fix Projector Screen Curling Just in 4 Steps

If you have ever used a projector, you must know that the image on the screen could often be curling or wrinkled. This might make the image difficult to see and could be distracting.

Is the projector screen of your curling? This might be a frustrating problem to fix, but with only given simple steps, you may have it looking good as new in no time. In our detailed blog post, we are going to take you to the most known causes of projector screen curling and will show you how you can easily fix them. So if your projector screen is starting to look a little bit worse for wear, read on for some of the tips on how to restore it to its former glory!

We’ll tell you How to fix the projector screen curling Stay tuned!

How To Fix Projector Screen Curling

  1. Always check the screen material for wrinkles or curls. If you see any, gently smooth them out with your hands.
  2. If the projector screen is curling, then use a hair dryer on low heat to lightly warm the screen. This will help you in relaxing the fabric and will make it easier to flatten out.
  3. If the fixed screen is still curling, get help from a steam iron on low heat to lightly steam the screen. Again, this will help relax the fabric and will make it easier to flatten out.
  4. If all the tips failed then, you might have to replace the screen curl. We recommend taking it to the nearest professional to get this done.

We hope this blog post might have helped you in fixing your curling projector screen. If you have any other questions or concerns, forum community dedicated please feel free to approach us. We shall always be happy to help customers!

How may I rotate the projector screen from the laptop?

There are not too many ways that you can help you rotate the projector screen from your laptop. 

One of the ways is to use the buttons on the side of your projector. 

Another is to use the remote control of the projector. 

Finally, you may also use the controls in the software that are with the projector. If you are still having trouble rotating the new screen, you may always contact the manufacturer of your projector for help.

How do you straighten a projector screen?

There are several known ways that you can help you to straighten an Epson projector screen. 

One of the ways is to use gravity by hanging your screen from the ceiling or a high shelf.

The other known way is to use tension by attaching your screen to the wall with hooks or nails.

Finally, you might use weights to keep your screen in place. Whatever method you are going to choose, Always be sure to test the screen before using it to ensure that it is already level.

Why does my projector screen of mine look crooked?

There are several known reasons why the projector screen looks crooked. 

One reason is that the screen itself may be warped. The projector may not be level with the floor. If the case is the same, then you can try adjusting the legs of the projector until it is level.  

Another reason is that the projector might not already be level. This may be adjusted by loosening the bolts that hold the screen in place and adjusting it until it is level.

Third, the wall where the screen is mounted might not be level. If you have noticed that your screen looks crooked, try adjusting the position of the projector and/or the screen. If this has not fixed your problem, you might need to replace the screen.

Finally, the image from the projector may be distorted, which makes the screen appear crooked. If your case matches the same, you will need to adjust the focus of the projector.

How do you fix a skewed projector?

There are several known things you may do to try and fix a skewed projector:

Check if the projector is already level. Use a spirit level or ruler to see if the projector is sitting level. If it’s not, try adjusting the legs or tripod until it is.

Try readjusting the image. Sometimes, all you might need to do is tweak the image settings on your projector itself until the picture gets looking right.

keep moving the projector closer or further away from the screen to get a clear picture. This can sometimes help straighten out a skewed image.

If all options failed, now you may need to call a professional to take a look at your projector. They may be able to spot the problem and fix it for you.


Curling projector screens may be an eyesore and a distraction in any of its settings. Fortunately, there are too many known ways to fix the problem. In this detailed blog post, we’ve already outlined four methods for how to fix a curling projector screen. We hope you might have found the information helpful and that your projector screen stays flat and beautiful for years to come! Curling projector screens might be a nuisance, but there are many known ways to fix your problem. If you keep any questions or need assistance with one of these methods, please reach out to us for help. Have you had success with our given methods? Let us know your views in the comments below.

 Thanks for reading!


Why is my projector on an angle?

There are many known reasons why your projector may be on an angle. One reason could be that the projector has not been leveled with the screen. If your case matches the same, you can try to adjust the projector’s feet so that it is level with the screen. Another reason could be that your projector might be close enough from the screen.

Why does my projector of mine look like a trapezoid?

If your projector is creating a trapezoidal image, it means that the projector is not centered on the screen. To fix this, you will need to center the projector so that the image is projected in the middle of the screen.

Why is my image blurry?

If your image is blurry, it could be because the projector is not focused. To fix this, you will need to focus the projector by adjusting the focus ring on the lens. It might be possible that the projector is not far enough away from the screen. If the case is the same, then you will need to move the projector further away from the screen until the image is clear. Lastly, it could be that the screen is not clean. If your case matches the same, you will need to clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth.

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