Why is My Projector Yellow – 2022 Best Guide To Fix Issue

One of the biggest complaints I’ve read from owners of LCD projector front and rear projection screen sets is that they ask many times Why is my projector yellow or if they have a yellow tint to them.

After all, why would you spend thousands of dollars on a new HDTV set only to have another color other than pure whites and perfect blacks?

Projector Discoloration is common issue projector users face. In most cases, it is due to the age of the projector or an issue with the projector lamp.

However, in some cases, the projector discoloration may be caused by something else. We will explore what could be causing your projector screen to be yellow and how you can fix it.

Why is my projector light yellow

Age of the projector

Every electronic device has its lifespan and after a certain time, it starts to degrade. In the case of your projector, the most common cause is that it was not used for a long time.

After some time it turned yellow

If your projector is brand new and you used it only for 1-2 days, then there must be some issue with the lamp. Most likely.

  • Overused lamp Projectors are used for a long time and the life of the lamp inside is around 2000 hours.
  • The old lamp is leaking mercury inside the projector’s body.
  • Dead pixels on the screen of your projector.

It’s better to clean up the dust from the inside of your projector so that it can remove the color from your projector’s screen.

Remember: always keep in mind that opening up a projector is very dangerous if you don’t know what you doing. So it’s better to take help from a service person or repair company.

Solution of Why is my projector yellow

There are some solutions to your question why is my projector yellow?

Solution 1

To get rid of the yellow color on your screen, all you need to do is replace the lamp. You can do this yourself or get in touch with a service company to fix it for you.

Solution 2

If the yellow color is not due to the lamp, then opening up your projector and cleaning it will work. However, please note that opening up a projector can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you are not comfortable opening it up yourself, take the projector to a service company and ask for help.

Solution 3

If the above two solutions didn’t work for why is my projector yellow then solution no 3 will help you. Many times, the yellow color on your projector’s screen may be due to dead pixels.

However, dead pixels are much easier fixed if they are few in number or isolated dots. So try switching your lamp first and see if it does the job.

Solution 4

If you feel that your projector’s screen is becoming more yellow than before, then first try switching it on and off a few times to see if it works. If not, then all you need do is clean up the dust from inside of your projector.

Remember, the cooling fan grill on the back of your projector is a dust trap so clean it regularly.

How do I improve the shade on my projector?

If you are facing a decoloration problem with your projector or you’re searching for why is my projector yellow you can read the article below?

If you are seeing a shadow on your projector screen

There is probably something blocking the light from shining on the entire surface. Try to move anything that may be in front of it or by your side if possible to see if this helps. This will at least allow the light through and show you more clearly what’s causing it.

If this does not work, move your projector closer to the screen.

If you are too far away, the light will be unable to shine through properly and cause a shadow. This can also help if it is too low to the ground as well.

The Projector Is Dirty

Depending on where your projector is situated, dust tends to accumulate around it. Clean the projector with a soft cloth to remove anything that may be blocking the light from shining through.

The Screen Is Dirty

If you are using an outdoor screen or one that is not cleaned frequently, there could be dirt accumulating on it which will cause shadows to appear. Wipe this down to allow more light to shine through onto your projector.

The Projector Is Out Of Focus

Make sure that the focus is tightened to eliminate any shadows that appear on your screen. If this does not fix it, there may be something wrong with the projector lens.

The projected Image Quality Is Not Set Correctly

Not all projectors have this feature, but some do. If the projector has an image quality option, adjust it to fix any shadows that appear on your projector screens. This will allow it to focus correctly on the screen you are projecting onto.

The Projector Is Too Close or Far From the Screen

If you are too close or too far away from the screen, you may experience a shadow falling on the screen. Make sure to adjust your projector accordingly so that it is in the appropriate position.

The Projector Needs to Be Cleaned

if you’re searching for why is my projector yellow then you must clean your projector. Dust and debris can accumulate on projectors after a certain amount of time.

Wipe down the lens and the outside of the projector with a dry cloth to remove any of this. This may resolve the shadow that your projector is giving off.

Loose or Broken Fan

If your defective fan is not working, it will cause a shadow to appear on the screen as there won’t be enough light reaching it. Check the inside of your projector for anything that may be stopping it from spinning and make sure it is in good condition.

Shadow Caused by Lamps

If you recently replaced your lamps, this may be the reason for your projector’s shadows appearing on the screen. Be sure about both are working properly inserted and not lost to resolve the problem.

Poor Connections

If any of your entire lamp wires are not plugged in properly, this will cause shadows to appear on your screen. Check all of these things and be sure that they are connected.

The Lamp May Be Dying

If there is no bright light coming from the projector or if it suddenly stopped working, then you may need to change the lamp inside of it. You can also check if your projector lamp is bad with just a few steps.


Will this shadow appear on an indoor screen?

No. This will be very hard to see on an indoor screen as the light coming from the projector has nothing to reflect it off of. You may get something similar if there is a light behind you but not too close, however. If you use an outdoor projector, this shadow will be more visible.

Tell me the color range of a projector light? And how do I fix it?

The following colors may appear on a projector: Yellow, brown, black, and green. To fix this problem, try to move anything that may be in front of your screen or by your side if possible to see if this helps.

This will allow the light through and show you more clearly what’s causing it. If there is a large shadow, you may need to get it corrected by a professional.

Which color is best for a projector screen?

White color is best for projectors screens. If you want a screen that is more versatile, choose a tri-color or grey screen. Darker color screens will give the most contrast to your image while lighter color screens will provide less contrast and won’t blackout as much when only projecting from one side of it.


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